Modern Islamic Interior Design Applies In Modern Architecture

Many people think that Islamic architecture only applies in mosque. However today modern Islamic interior design also applies in many building architecture. Islamic architecture is known as its beauty. Many Islamic designs have influence the world architecture itself. Islamic architecture usually brings the influence of Middle East element. Many symmetric forms apply in the design and also the use of color and material that makes the modern Islamic design looks more attractive.

Modern Islamic Interior Design in Public Building

The development in modern Islamic interior design is sign from the application in build beside place of worship. Several examples are in the office and university. We can see the beauty inside the building where the shape adopting several Islamic shapes but presented in simple and elegant way suitable for modern Islamic decoration.

Modern Islamic Interior Design in Home

The application of Islamic design is not only in modern Islamic building for public but also in home architecture. Adapting the origin design where modern Islamic interior design coming from, usually the design of the house will use natural light because house in middle ease have more sunlight, so it will save the electricity. So the design will use doors and windows that likely can receive sunlight but not too much because it will cause heat problem. Sometimes the mosaic tile can make the look of the wall become more attractive rather than just plain paint tile. Usually, the color dominated with light brown, red and other color that usually can be found in Middle East area like Turkey and Uni Emirate Arab.

Modern Islamic Interior Design

Luxury Modern Islamic Interior Design

Modern Islamic Interior Design for Dining Room

Modern Islamic Interior Design with Green Backsplash

Dubai, the capital city of Uni Emirate Arab, is the city that symbolizes the modern Islamic architecture. It applies the beauty of Islamic design and the sophistication of modern technologies where no other place in the world would have applied such things. It is no doubt that modern Islamic interior design has its own place in the world of architecture even in the western country.