Modern Islamic Interior Design Present

Nowadays one of the prestigious design in architecture is modern islamic interior design. The current design interior in mosques, riads or palaces are limited variation of reduplicated designs in the previous age.  The new combinations of geometric genre are technically difficult in producing by traditional methods. Those become the reason why the design does not have many variation from past and present.

In the other hand, today the travel and tourism industry from the Arab Gulf countries to Morocco are continue growing. In order that modern islamic interior design expanse the architecture and real estate industry over the world. It is become a big chance for architect in developing many variation for current islamic design.

Modern Islamic Interior Design Style

The Tomb, The Mosque, The Fort and The Palace are the modern islamic interior design definition. Those are the modern islamic interior design architectural principal. The original design reduplicated in over the islamic region with different style in every region: Turkistan (Timurid) architecture, Azerbaijani architecture, Persian style, Sino-Islamic architecture, Indo-Islamic architecture, Ottoman architecture, Somali-Islamic architecture, Sahelian-Islamic architecture, Indonesian-Malay architecture. In Islamic architecture, the beauty is inside the spaces, usually in room inside or courtyards. There are common repeated symbol in this design that could be interpreted as the infinity of God. Usually calligraphy from Al-Qur’an quotation are use as the wall decoration. The detailed architecture could be found in many modern islamic interior design magazine.

Modern Islamic Interior Design

Modern Islamic Interior Design Ideas

Modern Islamic Interior Design Image

Modern Islamic Interior Design Picture

Modern islamic interior design architect

There are some famous architect who work for developing islamic design today. Some of well-known name are: the bangladesh architect, Fazlur Rahma Khan, Syed Mainul Hossain, Vedat Dalokay, Abdel-Wahed El Wakil, Kaled Azzam, Fahradin Miralay, Rafiq Azzam, Mubashra Ilyas.  Those are some profesional and famous architect who will help us much in getting many beatiful inspiration for modern islamic interior design.