Modern Islamic Interior Integrated With Your Own Design

Modern Islamic interior can be found not only in Arab, but they areextendingother country and continent in this world. It is very stylish with its engraving in all of its modern Islamic furniture and modern Islamic exterior. There will be many calligraphy of Arab and some painting that is very classy inside.

The inspiration of Modern Islamic interior is applying the nuance of Arab on your furniture, ceiling, floor, wall, or design of your room. It will make your room more pretentious with its appearance. Door and window with its painting will make you room have soft breeze and enough oxygen that is good for your health.

Modern Islamic interior: integration

You love your old design? Don’t worry you just have to make the integration of them by using unique design. To decorate your huge room alike modern Islamic interior, you may not repeat the motif of your tile, they must be having many variation. Plan your decoration for walls, floors, ceiling, column, windows to be 3D models with the combination of the old design. Make sure that all of the material you want to crave is possible to be craved, such as some synthetic materials, stone, glass, plaster, soft metal, wood, ceramic, wall finishes, column finishes, floor, etc.

Modern Islamic Interior Modern Islamic Interior Design Modern Islamic Interior Image Modern Islamic Interior Style Restaurant

Modern Islamic interior: gallery

Modifying your house become Arabic like does not complete if the furniture and the things in your home not illustrate Arabic interior mode. Besides you need to make carve and paintings, you must have carpet with geometric or floral motif. The wall hangings also must be replaced with Arabic paintings to make luxurious sense. The furniture, include all of table, chair, kitchenware in your kitchen. The others are table, chair, crockery, and cutlery in your living room. They must be appropriate with the theme. Finally, your modern Islamic interior will be more impressed if the entire theme, the arranged of room, the carved and the gallery are suited.