Modern Small Kitchen Design

Modern small kitchen design is begin to reach popularity since mid 1970s. This small kitchen design was trying to energies right when living in a small size of apartment started to be one of most popular lifestyle. However, nowadays small kitchen design has undergone many enhancement, whether from the use of material, choice of colors, shapes, the strategies to separate the room and decoration allowed to use.

Modern Small Kitchen Design Pictures

The most common tips to make your modern small kitchen design look a little bit more expensive is the choice of material. Many modern small kitchen design using plastic and metal as the main material for the kitchen. You will also see the brought colors are become such new trend on designing small kitchen. Let say, light blue, blood red, orange, yellow, bright green, or even turquoise. But these colors if don’t match well with other furniture or other colors use for backsplash, flooring or other decorations, will turns out to be clutter.

Modern Small Kitchen Design Inspiration

In designing modern small kitchen design, you are allowed to decorate it with hardwood with darker colors. The combination of hardwood and metal or glass will make your kitchen look a lot more modern. The translucent and darker colors like black, dark brown, or dark grey will create something more sophisticated if it combine with hardwood and will match easily with brighter colors as well.  If you intend to use white as your kitchen background, simply choose darker colors of cabinet to make the kitchen look larger than  it is. If possible, you can set for u shaped kitchen design by placed a kitchen table on one side of kitchen to separate the space. You can also plan for the kitchen bar to replace the dining room at a very small kitchen  space.

Small bar is the new concept on designing small kitchen.Use the darker color with glass will create expensive look on the same space.