Mosaic Art Deco Bathroom for Urban Style

There are some style in remodelling your bathroom, one of  the favourite choosen is mosaic art deco bathroom design that firstly famous in 1920. In the period of Art Deco, the well known mosaic artists is Isidore Odorico, the one in France who left a large and wonderful heritage of architectural mosaics ornementations. On many buildings in the entire French Riviera and Nice, his design have been popular by its unique design.

There are some deco mosaics type that usually be created: mosaics for the swimming pool, mosaic for some initials, an indoor or outdoor mural and the famous one is mosaic art deco bathroom. The range of  designs are varied from mosaic art deco bathroom pattern and mosaic art deco bathroom design.

Mosaic Art Deco Bathroom Floors

Many home owner choose mosaic art deco bathroom floors because it looks elegant and clean. The popular design is hexagon mosaic floor tiles. This design can represents glamour, clean, elegance and even functionality. In addition, the home owner can feel relax and refresh by the classical design that brings in the contemporary room.

Mosaic Art Deco Bathroom Furniture

The deco style provide glamorous effect so the architect usually emphasize it with some glossy furniture. Mosaic art deco bathroom furniture are choosen in brightly colour and the material are from sparkling glass or shinny stainless steel. In some bathroom to get the elegant effect, the home owner or the designer usually use the crystal chandlelier as the lamp.

Mosaic Art Deco Bathroom

Mosaic Art Deco Bathroom Vitrolite

Mosaic Art Deco Bathroom Modern

Mosaic Art Deco Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom is the room where we want to get some relaxasion and refresh our body and mind, for that reason having an elegant, clean and glamourous bathroom is a must. It is not only in a dream to be pleasant in our bathroom.  Through mosaic art deco bathroom project, it is possible to have an elegant and glamourous bathroom.