Mural Designs for Wall Ideas

Mural designs for wall are getting more and more popular in the interior design industry. Besides being easily personified and customized, murals can also easily used to give a room a new dimension to it. Although traditionally painted directly onto the walls, nowadays the trend is to print mural designs for wallpaper. You can change your living room into the wilderness of Africa or the sunny Hawaiian beach and exchange them for other designs when you get bored of the scene. When you decide to go back to the plain old wall, you can remove them without damaging the wall.

Why Mural Designs for Wall?

Besides the easiness of appliance and removability, mural designs for wall are also versatile to your needs. It can set the theme of a room while serving as a decoration. Using mural wallpaper has even more advantages as it is cheaper, impermanent and you can also choose the material into what the wallpaper is printed.

Mural Designs for Wall Usage Tips

Sometimes, beyond the mural designs for wall, there is a hidden purpose or meaning to the owner or the designer of the room. For example, mural designs for wall during the Halloween to makeover a room into a haunted house. The mural can even replace the need for a ghost, as you can have it painted in the mural as well. In weddings, the mural can be made from the couple’s photo collages to give the guests a glimpse of their lives and dating history prior to the marriage.

Mural Designs for Wall

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Although there is no right or wrong in a design, if you want a mural for your room at home, make sure that your mural not only suits what you want your room to be but also to interact well with the furniture you already have. For an example, having a bamboo forest mural in a room full of Asian furniture would look better than combining them with Victorian furniture. You can also add sky mural to your ceiling or panoramic mural to your walls to create an illusion of a bigger room. Choose your mural designs for wall well and you will never look at plain walls the same way again.