Narrow Bathroom Design Tips and Tricks

Narrow bathroom design focuses more on functionality than visual beauty. With such a limited space, creative thinking is a must. It is even more important when the narrow plan of the bathroom is combined with long sides. A mistake in decorating the bathroom would result in a bowling-alley-like area, and who would like that for a bathroom? So here are some narrow bathroom design ideas to get you started.

Narrow Bathroom Design in Making It Seem Bigger

One of the immediate narrow bathroom design people seem to want when they see how small their bathroom is to try and make it seem bigger. Of course it is a viable option and can easily be done with some basic design tips. First of all, make the bathroom as bright as you can. Color the walls with bright colors. Add big mirrors to the room. Use glasses as separators. Use a lot of lamps in right places to finish the bigger illusion created by a brighter room.

Contrary to the idea of getting the room as bright as possible, other narrow bathroom design tips suggest to pick darker colors for the furniture. This would be useful to make the furniture seem smaller than they really are, thus the illusion of more space in the bathroom. It is great for color combination too, because usually bright colors look great next to dark ones.

Narrow Bathroom Design

Narrow Bathroom Design Decorating

Narrow Bathroom Design Ideas

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Narrow Bathroom Design Useful Tips

Narrow master bathroom design is especially important to notice because unlike other bathrooms where cutting off comfort for space is okay, in a master bathroom comfort is a must. Luckily, bath tubs come in different sizes and designs nowadays, so you can have your pick. Another thing you need to do in this case is to make the spaces are used as efficient as possible, by using the walls as storage and maximize the usage of the room’s vertical space. There is always a way around your limited space with you mastering the narrow bathroom design tips and tricks.