Narrow Bathroom Ideas in Layout and Decoration

Narrow bathroom ideas are not hard to find. A lot of people face the same old situation every now and then: having forgotten the importance of a bathroom when they have the house built only to find out later how small it is to accommodate their wants. The same dilemma is also faced by those who plan to redesign their bathroom but being limited by the narrow space. Here are some ideas of layouts and decorations you can use for the narrow bathroom.

Narrow Bathroom Ideas for Layout

One of the most important things to remember from narrow bathroom ideas is to put functionality before beauty. While this doesn’t mean that you need to abandon all sense of aesthetic, this means that you will need to sacrifice that Victorian vanity you’ve been eyeing for so long. Keep everything simple and clean, with maximum usage of the spaces available, be it vertical or horizontal.

There are four main things in a bathroom you need to consider while perusing the narrow bathroom layout ideas: sink, shower, toilet and storage. In most cases, the shower tub will be placed along the width of the room with the sink, storage and toilet lined up on one side of the length. This has proven to be the most effective layout of narrow bathroom ideas, although of course you can try and make a more efficient arrangement that suits your needs better.

Narrow Bathroom Ideas

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Narrow Bathroom Ideas Decoration

In narrow bathroom decorating ideas, mirrors are indispensable. It adds to the brightness of the room and the reflection creates an illusion of a bigger room. Choose the biggest mirror possible, and those with task lightings are better. Mural wallpaper with open space pictures can help in making the room look bigger, too, while adding to the aesthetic and comfort. Make the room as bright as possible while choosing a darker color scheme for the furniture. Mounted furniture would also serve well as both decoration and storage space. Those are some narrow bathroom ideas you can try in creating some extra space in your bathroom.