Orange Kitchen Design

Orange kitchen design may sounds brand new for kitchen. The truth is far from it. Orange for kitchen is perfect to create retro kitchen style. Orange kitchen is famous around 1950 and categorized as the perfect shade of color for kitchen at that time. Nowadays, since modern minimalist design style established, orange kitchen design is reborn and comes with the new concept and new look; the whole design is the improvement of the orange retro kitchen design style.

Orange Kitchen Ideas

Orange is warm and fresh color, creating spirit and attracts people to walk into the kitchen. More about orange, it is also considered as appetizing color and create such energy and emotional atmosphere at the same time. You can use the plain orange, light orange, or put more yellow to your orange paintings to give more cheerful atmosphere to the kitchen. Plain orange kitchen design that is combined with silver metal appliances will create bold look. Shades of green and bright yellow as the accent will create lighter and brighter look. Plain orange wall color combines with white cabinets and light orange floor tiles create fantastic retro kitchen style.

Colors match with orange are dark grey, black, brown, shades of walnut, white, and silver. Orange kitchen design doesn’t have to be all appliances full with orange. Orange kitchen can be created through the use of orange cabinet, grey wall colors, walnut kitchen table, and white flooring. Or orange wall color combines with white kitchen cabinet, white kitchen island, white dining table, and yellow floor tiles. Or put orange as your wall colors, and combine it with light brown wooden or bamboo furniture and cabinet with wooden flooring.  All those examples are to create modern elegant orange kitchen design.

Play with orange means play with the sense of elegance and cheerfulness. This warm color can create both cold and sophisticated design look by setting the right combination of colors.