Painted Flower Pots Ideas

Painted flower pots ideas are actually enormous. You can buy painted pots or make your own design by painting plain pots. When painting flower pots, you can freely choose what kind of motif you want to draw on. This idea is actually a lot more interesting than buying painted flower pots available at the market. Before you decide to create your own painted flower pots ideas, you should know first about the material made for these pots. It can be plastic, nondescript, ceramic, terra-cotta, and fired clay; these materials then will be the basic factor you should consider when choosing the paint type.

Painted Flower Pots Ideas

The best material to create painted flower pots ideas are ceramic and terra-cotta. Choose acrylic or oil based paint to paint on the terra-cotta flower pots. However, terra-cotta tend to absorb only a little amount of paint, you may have to make two coats when you painting on this kind of material. Ceramic pots that have not been fired well will be hard to paint, so you better ask for fired ceramic pots once you visit the ceramic pots. If they are already fired well, you can paint them with acrylic paint.

Painted Flower Pots Kids

When you paint the terra-cotta pots using the acrylic or oil, you should have to wait for the first paint dried before you add the second coat. To ease you in painting, you can draw a line, motif or designs using pencil on the pots before you put the acrylic or oil based paint on or simply uses stencils that are available at various shapes and sizes at the market. The most common shapes use today is geometrics or multiple lines, but flowers and burst of colors also will turns your pots the same beautiful.

You can use your flowers pots that are painted by your own design as birthday or Christmas gifts. People will usually appreciate more the gifts made by yourself rather than any gifts you can buy somewhere at the stores.