Painting Kitchen Cabinets White

Painting kitchen cabinets white is consider to be going out of style these days. But it is not quite like that anyway. Many people still remodel their kitchen and decide to take white as their basic kitchen color. And if you take a walk for a while to see latest collection of kitchen cabinets in the home furniture store, you will find out that white is still become the most popular color for kitchen cabinets today. White color always gives a nice look to kitchen. White cabinets is help you kitchen looks bigger than it is, it also provides fresh, bright, open and airy feel for your kitchen. Painting kitchen cabinets white may bring new life and makes your kitchen more comfortable. However, in practice, too much white in your kitchen will not generate comfortable feeling.

Painting Kitchen Cabinets White

White cabinets combined with white wall and floor will give your whole kitchen hospital-like appearance. There are some tips to decorate your white kitchen cabinet.

Kitchen Ideas with White Cabinets

You can create at least two types of kitchen style by using painting kitchen cabinets white; traditional kitchen design and contemporary kitchen design.

  • Traditional kitchen design can be appear if you combine wooden flooring with white kitchen cabinet. Add white or wooden dining table to complete the style. These combination are the most popular traditional home design for years.
  • Contemporary kitchen design need a flash of white gloss to give modern appearance. Add a white gloss finish to your white kitchen cabinets. You can also paint other wooden furnish in your kitchen and altering the flooring and countertops with various themes.

How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets White

Below are several simple instructions you should take to get the best result on painting kitchen cabinets white:

1. One color for your kitchen design

You might seen that the combining bright colors in your kitchen will make your kitchen looks modern. Actually, the ideal painting kitchen cabinets white rule is to keep it in a single color.Rather than paint them with motifs, leave it simple will be better idea.

2. Paint the frames of your kitchen cabinets

If you don’t like to see full white color to your entire kitchen cabinets, you can painting kitchen cabinets white on the frame only to get the sense of traditional kitchen design. This is a good alternative technique in painting your kitchen cabinets.

3. White washed effect

White washed effect makes your kitchen cabinets looks a lot neater than if you painting in a actual technique. You only have to paint your kitchen cabinet with oil based paint, and wipe it before the paint dry completely.

Conclusion of Painting Kitchen Cabinets White

White Kitchen Cabinets

Paintings kitchen cabinet white bring many advantages. First, you can decorate your kitchen with traditional style or contemporary style. Second, white cabinets makes the work of choosing countertops and decorations easier. Third,the white cabinets will make your entire kitchen looks neat, clean, and bright. Fourth, you will have more than one technique of paintings. And the last is white cabinets will not going out of style.