Painting Laminate Kitchen Cabinets

Painting laminate kitchen cabinets are one of kitchen renovation work that is need quite carefulness with many considerations and experience. If you don’t have enough experience, it might be very difficult and frustrating to paint laminate kitchen cabinets by your own. Usually people who intend to make some kitchen renovation will ask for carpenter or any kitchen cabinet renovation experts to help those painting laminate kitchen cabinets. It really is need such special carpenter skill.

Painting Laminate Kitchen Cabinets

Repainting your kitchen cabinets is helping you minimize the cost very much than trying to replace the whole cabinet. Repainting it will help you get the new look of your cabinet without have to spend a lot more; you only have to buy painting. There are actually several steps you can do in painting laminate kitchen cabinets – in case you insist to make the process of kitchen cabinets laminate paintings as Do-it-Yourself work. It may take time and needs real persistence to make it through, but why not trying?

Painting Laminate Kitchen Cabinets White

What you can do at the first place is prepare your kitchen cabinet. Clean it from grease, grime, and dirt possible, and then wash your cabinet. To ease your job, separate the cabinet parts and clean part per part including removing the entire cabinet door from the hinges, the result is cleaner cabinet and ease on cleaning each of the part. After you wash the cabinet, add TSP to your cabinet parts, and wash it again. It may take few times of washing; this will completely remove the remaining grease, grim and dirt from your cabinet part. After washing, put it on the used fabrics, cloths, or newspaper.

The second step is by cleaning the whole cabinet door with fine sandpaper. The sandpaper will make the entire surface of cabinet door from gloss and ease the new paintings stick to the cabinet door perfectly. After the sanding process is done, remove all the dust by wiping the cabinet door using wet fabric, damp sponge, or used cloth. The thing you need to be sure to do before paintings the clean cabinet door is cover all the kitchen background and floor with newspaper.

Use spray to painting the clean and dry cabinet doors. The spray will dry faster and stick harder to any wooden material. Spray also will ease you to smoothing the color in a cabinet door surface. To complete the paintings, apply coat on a surface after spray and allow it to dry.

Repainting your kitchen cabinet door has many advantages, yet need carefulness and persistence.