Painting Oak Kitchen Cabinets

Painting oak kitchen cabinets are quite interesting, just like any other wooden kitchen cabinet. Oak cabinets known as one of the most reliable wooden material use for cabinet; it is inexpensive and quite versatile. Another advantage choosing oak kitchen cabinet is it is available in interesting color. However some people think that this is actually more like a disadvantage rather than advantage because most of oak kitchen cabinet available in a pale golden shades of colors; this, will make it harder to combine the color matches, yet can create an interesting combination of colors if you found the best furniture color to match it.

Painting Oak Kitchen Cabinets Before and After

There are some rules in painting oak kitchen cabinet. First is by knowing exactly your kitchen condition including the age of every furniture and which one was really need to be improve, renovate, replace or change; the kitchen cabinet, the kitchen table, the dining table if any, and each colors use for each furniture, your kitchen background, flooring, and the decorations use in the kitchen. Second, you should know your ability to afford all the renovation needed, and try to minimize what you can minimize, especially about the cost. Try to focus only on what you think would be the most important – your priority. In the end, you will adjust your new painting oak kitchen cabinet with other existing elements in your kitchen.

The third step is choosing color that will boost your mood; get back to your favorite theme. Go for pastel vintage colors if you love anything romantic, feminine, and soft. You can set for modern oak kitchen design, by painting it, or combine it with other material if you want to, add black, metal, and white colors as your main colors choices. Natural kitchen design can also be made with painting oak cabinet. Let it be soft golden color, add glossy painting to make the oak cabinet shining, put the same shades of colors to your kitchen table, your background, and flooring.

Painting Oak Kitchen Cabinets Cream

If you want to, oak kitchen cabinet can be merged as beautiful eye catching kitchen cabinet by adding accent. Don’t be hesitate to use accent for your backsplash; natural stone and ceramic are the best option to combine oak kitchen cabinet. You can simply play with accent without have to add more colors for your kitchen cabinet. Or otherwise, play with colors for your kitchen cabinet with fewer accents on it. Both of the ideas are good to be applied.

Painting on the cabinet can result a lot more change and make your whole kitchen look brand new, since kitchen cabinet is the biggest furniture on the kitchen and usually become the center of attention.