Patterned Sanitary Ware for Bathrooms

Patterned sanitary ware is quite hard to find nowadays. It is used to be much more popular in the 18’s as well as early 19’s, but it slowly makes a comeback. Although never considered ‘chic’ or ‘trendy’, it incorporates design in functionality, and therefore becomes a thing to look forward to in the design industry.

Why the Patterned Sanitary Ware

Although the patterned sanitary ware is deemed unpopular for youngsters nowadays, the integrated function of aesthetic and utility sure appeals to those with limited space in their bathroom. As housing becomes more expensive, it is undeniable that the need of integration becomes more and more important. If you cannot afford the space to place pots of plants in the bathroom anymore, then perhaps patterned sanitary ware products are for you.

Patterned Sanitary Ware Options

The patterned sanitary ware comes in a lot of different options in materials and design. From stainless steel to cooper sheet, the patterned materials are available in a lot of different colors and motives. It is highly advantageous especially if you try to make the color schemes of your furniture go well together.

Patterned Sanitary Ware

Patterned Sanitary Ware Design

Patterned Sanitary Ware Ideas

Patterned Sanitary Ware Plans

Although there are wide arrays of options available, patterned sanitary ware glass might be the most popular material nowadays. Looking elegant with flexible usage, the glass material is most popular with bath tub users. Square patterns are the classics in the shower category, with wooden being the pattern most popular for doors and vanities. The trick in incorporating the patterns into a bathroom is in the design, though, so more often than not you will find yourself changing all the furniture and the wall paint in your bathroom just to make the design match the patterned furniture. To avoid this, a wise choosing of patterned sanitary ware is advised with simple and flexible being the top priorities to ease their fitting in with other furniture in your bathroom.