Popular Kitchen Designs 2012

Popular kitchen designs 2012 are seem to be focus on the choice of material use for the cabinet, flooring, and kitchen table. National kitchen and bath association has announced their most trendy and popular kitchen design, and these top of kitchen design really are focus on the product types, styles, and material. The surveys have been conducted since the late 2011 by checking on the kitchen furniture and installment transaction on the market across Canada and USA.

Popular Kitchen Designs 2012

Among many kinds of material use to build the kitchen cabinet, wooden material is still on the first list of the most popular kitchen cabinet material world ever know. And among many kinds of wooden material for cabinetry, cherry wood is gain the most popular one. Maple followed the popularity after the cherry wood, while Oak, walnut, birch, alder and bamboo are other popular wooden material after maple and cherry.

Finishes is another elements that considered determining the value of popular kitchen designs 2012. Darker finishes is preferable to be the chosen as the most common finishes use by furniture manufacturers this year. The use of darker natural finishes seem to be increase up to 58% by interior home designers, medium natural finishes increase up to 55%, and lighter natural finishes only gain for 30% this year.

For backsplash, kitchen designers prefer to use glass as the main material for kitchen countertops. The use of glass has been rising up to 52 since last year. This can happens because people are tend to choose modern kitchen design rather than traditional ones, and the traditional kitchen design rarely made glass as their main material. The last thing is LED lighting. The use of LED lighting for kitchen design has been rise more than 65% since 2010. One of source said that it decreasing 20% this year, but this doesn’t make the popularity of LED lighting fall down.

Popular kitchen designs 2012 depend on the use of material, lighting, finishes, and backsplash.