Primitive Country Decorating Ideas

Primitive country decorating ideas are actually can take a form as anything homemade and rustic look. Primitive home decoration will reminds you to your grandma belongings or anything that will looks very old, or simply has a vintage look. Primitive decorating does are very similar with vintage decorating, thus the material use for primitive country sometimes rather more natural. If vintage may look feminine, primitive country decorating ideas are quite fair, doesn’t very much represent any gender issue.

Primitive Country Decorating Ideas

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Have you seen the Winnie the Pooh home interior design? Pooh home interior design can perfectly reflect the primitive design ideas. One fireplace, with much kitchen equipment hangs up around the edge, right on the framed. Add other small decoration to beautify the fireplace with candles and simple lighting fixtures on it. Small old cart can be function as table, put it in the middle of living room, put dried flowers on a wooden vase, and other small carpentry tools on it. Old wood barrel can also be the best chosen decoration, put more flowers on it and put in on a corner. Old brown knitted rugs can complete the primitive living room; don’t forget to put small sofa with pillow on one side of a room.

Primitive country decorating ideas for kitchen can easily be made by hang series of pans right above the kitchen island. Use wooden boxes to save the fruits or vegetables rather than to store it inside the fridge. Make sure you put the right vegetables and fruits so that they won’t get rotten. Try lemons, potatoes, pumpkins, or unions.

Primitive country decorating ideas also can look bold by choosing darker appliances, like black chair for dining room chair, black cabinets, and old dark fireplace. Combine it with light yellow, dark green, and dark purple and dark brown to make a total effect. Use lighter background color like hay-color to balance the effect.

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Simple, plain, old, bold and attractive represent the primitive home design ideas. It can be shows at enormous way.