School Door Decorations for Spring

School door decorating for spring is always reminds us about how the air getting warm and all leafs starting to grow at every twigs, where the flowers start to blossom and the sunny days has just about to start. Spring is time when you can always smell the flowers in the air; spring is about happiness, cheerful feeling underneath the sun light. School door decorations for spring better shows these spirit and happiness.

School Door Ideas for Spring

The ideas you and your children can use to decorate the school door are;

Colorful palms. This is the great way to involve you children in designing the school door. Ask your kids to make the palm or finger prints on a butcher paper. Your kids can also put their photograph or write their name on the finger print, you can even make your finger prints too. This can make the kids love the door decoration and make them feel special at the same time.

Spring flowers may become the most common theme for spring but it is always shows the spring spirit perfectly. Make your own spring flowers as school door decoration. You and your children can add colors as many as you like. Make the flowers shapes on the fabric or butcher paper, and then put the photograph of your children right inside the flowers.

Play in the park also can be beautiful idea. Draw park scene on the door complete with kids playing around, you can also add birds, sun, flowers, clouds, merry go round, and small animals like squirrel, butterflies, rabbits, and frogs. You can even add fountains, and if the space is enough, you can draw trees and buildings as the background.

Rainy days can be other alternative. Put photograph in every water drop, play with umbrellas, boots, clouds, and animals like worms and frogs.

School Door Decorations for Spring

Don’t forget to involve your children in every step of school door decorations for spring making.