Shabby Chic Decorating Ideas Living Room

Shabby chic decorating ideas living room have the bold sense of vintage and feminine. The shapes of furniture, the colors choice, the lighting use, and all the combination of decoration will make you think that you are looking at the vintage living room design. The vintage living room design usually has the rustic atmosphere, they are usually combining the modern furniture design with old stuff and mix them such way that will create feminine comfortable and soft atmosphere.

Living Room Shabby Chic

The shabby chic decorating ideas living room shows the elegant view rather than rustic atmosphere. The colors palette consists of pastels and predominantly with off white, beige, cream, and mocha or shades of browns. In designing shabby chic living room you can freely choose and set your most favorite style. Make your living room as comfortable as it can be. You can combine the mahogany wood, cream pillows, pink roses on a vase, old style drawers, and chandelier.

Choose the wooden flooring and cover the seating space with rugs or carpet. You can either use the square or round shape of rugs. If you intend to choose to add more the retro look, you can choose to use fur carpet. Beside comfortable for your feet, fur carpet can add more texture. Don’t forget to add lace on your pillows or curtain. Shabby chic decorating ideas living room can also look more feminine with the touch of lace.

You can also combine the lace with linen, velvet, or other smooth simple fabric with pastel colors to decorate your living room. These fabric choices will put classic in your design. you can also add mirror in the living room to make your living room look larger and brighter. Mirror can reflect the natural or your night lighting and make the whole room look bright.

Make your living room look comfortable and feminine by using the shabby chic design.