Small Apartment Interior Design

Small apartment interior design does not have to consist only two functional spaces like living room and bedroom. You can also make your own kitchen complete with the dining room and kitchen cabinet. The result may not look like kitchen in the average home, and there is a chance this kitchen set and the whole cabinet dominates your small apartment. You can find the kitchen cabinet that is made for small apartment interior design. Even though the cabinet and the dining table can limit the space so you can’t put decoration inside your apartment, you can still make your kitchen looks beautiful with add some temporary decoration to your kitchen cabinet so it can make a total changes in your whole apartment.

Small Apartment Kitchen

Even though kitchen can dominate your small apartment interior design, you still have other functional spaces to be consider. This spaces at least includes the living room, bedroom, and  bathroom. Below the easy step how to make them all looks beautiful and perfectly mixed one another.

Living Room

Living room for small apartment interior design may includes sofa that is place on front of the TV set, and carpet. You can add table between your TV set and sofa, but this is optional. If you think the table would make your living room cluttered and narrow, you can put the small table on each side of your sofa. The function would be the same and can generate more space in your living room.


Many interior designers suggested the use of loftbed instead of actual bed. This is because the loftbed can transform into sitting space, and this often count as the advantage of using the smart furniture. Besides of loftbed, you can choose to use bed with storage, suspended bed, and unfolding or built in beds.


The bathroom usually take a form as a small space consist of toilet and shower, this two combination is consider to be the best fit in bathroom design use on the small apartment design. The chance to add bathtub on your bathroom is small, and this will not be seen as simplicity which is the basic principle of small apartment interior design.

Kitchen and Dining Room

Maximize the use of your apartment wall is the smart way to increase the value of your small apartment interior design. Make your kitchen walls as additional shelves for your slotted spoons and spatulas, and placed them above your kitchen sink or stove. Besides will ease your cooking time, the wall shelves will highlight the function of your kitchen space.

All the furnish use for the small apartment interior design should have to be simple, functional, and better be smart. Try to avoid room decoration that will require more space, maximize the use of wall, and try to use multifunctional furnish. Choose light or pale color to decorate your apartment, this type of color will make your small apartment interior design looks spacious.