Small Apartment Kitchen Design

Small apartment kitchen design are always been a hot issue, especially for those who living in a big cities. There, it is almost impossible to get any apartment with large kitchen size without use or even reduce other room function.

Before we talk about kitchen, there are several general rules to get the most efficient space use for small apartment.

First, is open air furnishing. Everything need to be as simple as it can do not place many partition. Let it open, there will be other strategies to divide your room each function. Second, you can use back up furniture to enhance the use on every stuff you place on your apartment. Third, use curtain or plywood door rather than any hard material to use as a partition.

Small Apartment Kitchen Design

Space and Layout of Small Apartment Kitchen Design

For your kitchen, the most important thing is space and layout, budget, lighting, color, and storage. First is the space and layout. The idea to generate the ideal version from small size space and layout is efficiency. Use simple furnishes and versatile stuff to enhance the use of space, keep your kitchen layout open.

Layout of Small Apartment Kitchen

Remember that open air is the based concept applies to every room in your small apartment, so it will give a wider sense of space. And for the layout, use the concept of simplicity. Versatile furnish will help a lot to generate this concept. Choose dinner table that can be mixed with the stove and small minimalist chairs to put around it.

Budget for Small Apartment Kitchen Design

Small space doesn’t always mean small amount of money. You still have to be smart on using each dollar and make sure they are already calculated with the best technique to generate the most effective and efficient strategy to design your kitchen. Choose material that can be clean easily. For your kitchen cabinet, you can choose wood or plastic as your main material, and brick and wood as your dinner table.

Budget for Small Apartment Kitchen

Choose the material that offers lower cost but still provide quality. You can also reduce your budget by using less labor. If you can do some stuff all by yourself, you better do it and give hard stuff like install the electricity or flooring to contractor. The costs of designing kitchen for small apartment are range for $30,000 – $45,000.

Storage for Small Apartment Kitchen Design

You can make do with the storage shelves by playing with size and color. You don’t have to buy extra cabinets and closets in our apartment. It will only make your apartment looks crowded and cramped. Buy one cabinet, could be the tall one to put the microwaves and beers.

Storage for Small Apartment Kitchen

You can adjust the size so that it can match with the fridge’s size. You can also make storage above the dinner table hanged to the ceiling, to put pots, pans, or big plates.

Lighting and Colors for Small Apartment Kitchen Design

The last are lighting and color. Make sure your kitchen expose with sun light. Place a large window in one side of your kitchen, let the sun light lighten up your entire kitchen. Choose a soft light to lighten your kitchen at night.

Lighting for Small Apartment Kitchen

You can also add some more lights in your cabinet. Use off white, black, and metal for your kitchen colors choice, to reflect the sun light and make your kitchen looks brighter.