Small Country Kitchen Designs

Now we can give you inspiration and tips to get small country kitchen design, this design ideas just about country kitchen style for limited space. The kitchen is an integral part of your home and there are plenty of kitchen designs which can be your choice but if you have a house with a large size then the right kitchen design is country kitchen design. But not always country kitchen design intended to house with large size, house with medium size could also adopt this design – which is often referred to as small country kitchen design.

Small Country Kitchen Design Ideas

Small country kitchen design is form of kitchens nuanced like country kitchen design but it is designed specifically for homes with medium size, the idea is with bring the luxury country kitchen into the house by not ignore the cost factor. Usually a person which has country kitchen people which belong to this class is over so as to have a lot of money to spend while small country kitchen design more focused on the arrangement and selection of furnishings and decor with the same country kitchen but at a much cheaper and is specifically for apartment or house with a size that is not too large. The main concern indeed is the large room of kitchen which blocking our wishes, country kitchen design does give a natural feel which provide warmth – even though we don’t have a large room we can still create the atmosphere of the kitchen that we have just as country kitchen design. Our primary focus is divided into three terms, namely: the color of wall paint, floor, and kitchen cabinet.

1. Wall Paint

In order to realize the small country kitchen design the first time we have to do is to determine a suitable color for our kitchen, the most fitting color is neutral colors, especially white. Why white? Because white is the color that is easy to combine with other colors – the use of other colors such as blue sky can also be used to paint the wall, although later we will be more troublesome to choose furniture that suits the color of sky blue.

2. Floor

The second step is to determine the type of flooring and the colors – the choice of flooring and color should also match the color of wall paint. To the floor are usually advised to using ceramic floor with a beige color, beige color chosen should be not too thick because it will be a stark contrast when we would combine it with furniture.

3. Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen cabinets are a major piece of furniture in the kitchen, the furniture is almost all cooking is done in addition to furniture also serves as a storage area cooking equipment – to present the small country kitchen design then we have to choose a kitchen cabinet with a touch of natural color like the color of mahogany, it does not matter if the material is made ​​of a kitchen cabinet wood but at least in terms of color can present natural colors.

Small country kitchen design is one of kitchen design that can bring a touch of nature like country kitchen design without having to spend large amounts of money. To give a natural feel that we should pay attention to three basic things such as wall paint color, flooring and kitchen cabinet  combination of these three can provide small country kitchen design in accordance with your wishes.