Small Home Design Ideas

Small home design nowadays is a lot more popular than designing a normal family size house plan. Small home design will goes to you who are live in the small apartment in the center of the city, or only have a small size space of land that is seems to be uneasy to be build. Small home design provides quite very different challenge than normal size house does. We can easily guess that the main ideas for the house floor plan, space, or lines are the efficiency and function. The problem occur if you are a kind of people that are really like to decorate your house; but this too can turn into something interesting if you try to find the way out to accommodate both the basic rule and your taste of home design.

Small Home Design

This article will give you some ideas about how to combine and balance your preference and put it all in the small home design.

Small Home Design Advantages

Before we go to the basic rules of small home design, we should know the advantage of having small size of house, so we can use and maximize this advantage to create a unique small home design.

1. First, small size home will save your cash. This is a true common sense; small size will lead to efficiency of cost, as well as with the small home design. From the price of a land to build your home, the design plan, the materials, the installment, lighting, paints or wall papers, the furniture needed, it is all will be less on quantity and will reduce the cost instantly even if you choose the best quality of them all.

2. Second, the small home design will save the environment. Think about the energy you use if you have 700 square foot house, the material needed, all electricity and installment inside.

Small Home Design Basic Concept

Small Home Design Basic Concept

There are several basic concepts to create a small home design. The small home design ideas build based on the function, and this will derive into some other sub-concept; offices, small home businesses, or just simply a place to live/settlements. This functional concept also refers to the use of each space available inside your home. In a small home design, every space has their own functions; sometimes we can even set two or more functions in one space, for example combining the dining and living room, or kitchen island can also functioned as the dining table. Besides, enhance the use of every space, combining two functions at one space will warmed the atmosphere.

Small home design means using flexible furniture as many as possible. It will be just like combining two functions in one space. You can choose any kinds of furniture or fixture are adjustable, these kind of furniture also called the multi-functional furnishings. You can find these flexible furniture as the window seat that is actually can also be use as the drawers to storage extra blanket. You just have to put pillows on it and it will look like real window seat. All you have to do is enhance the function for all spaces, make sure you can do this to your decorations without make your small home design look stuffy.