Small Kitchen Bar Ideas

Small kitchen bar ideas can enhance the function of your kitchen space more effectively than small kitchen island do. If you live in a very small apartment that only offer very small space to put a kitchen island or kitchen table with chair around it like ideal kitchen suppose to be, small kitchen bar ideas can help to improve function of your small space remains.

Small Kitchen with Bar Design Ideas

The L shape of kitchen space is the most suitable space shape to create small kitchen bar. On side of an L shape can be the bar and another side becomes the cooking space with the cabinet above. The bar should not have to be a complete like an ideal bar with the extension of the counter tops. The counter tops above the small bar will only make your kitchen look clutter and narrower. You can build the small bar a little bit higher than the cooking area. This can make the bar easier to be adjust with the bar stool or chair, and will make your small bar look like a real bar too.
Small Kitchen with Bar

Very simple small kitchen bar ideas can be create by placing table right beside the cooking area and cabinetry, create an L shape. Add two or three chair on the other side. This concept also can be functioned as the room separator. This trick is very easy to be realized very cheap, and form the shape of your house by only put the right furniture the right way. Small kitchen bar can also be the answer to your lack of space problem at home.

Small kitchen bar can be realized only by done a simple thing. This concept improves your limited space, and form the space into something valuable.