Stone Bathroom for Your bathroom Types

If you want to obtain the ethnic theme for your bathroom, you can try the stone bathroom as your choice. The stony theme is really suitable for you want to obtain the calm of nature come across your bathroom as well. You can also use the marble to trim the bathroom. This kind of theme for bathroom is suitable for the small or the wide one. Just smartly choose the stony furniture and place it in the right corner of your natural stone bathroom, then the theme is obtained perfectly.

The colors of the wall and floor that really fit to the stone bathroom are the natural one. You can try to obtain the ivory, cream, grey, dark grey, pale green, and the others nature colors that really easy to get. You can also use the brown wooden floor to match it with the stony stuffs and the natural paint of the wall as well. The bathroom furniture like the water closet, bath up, shower, sink, and the other stuffs you have to make it in a same tone of colors that really fit to your theme as well.

Stone Bathroom and Plants

Remember that the stone bathroom is closely related to the nature, you can also trim your bathroom with indoor plants like potted sanseviera, orchids, bonsai, small potted palms, anthuriums, peace lilies, ferns, philodendrons, schefflera, massangeana cane, song of Indian or we usually call it as dracaena reflexa, and pothos. Those kinds of plants will be trims your bathroom beautifully. You can put the small plants in the windows and near the sink. Then the bigger one you can put near the counters and the door to obtain the nature theme as well.

Stone Bathroom

Stone Bathroom and Glass

Stone Bathroom Contemporary

Stone Bathroom Shower

Stone Bathroom and the Lighting

The lighting for this kind of marble bathroom is really important to set the natural mood. Beside, you can change the lighting depends on your taste want to take a bath in kinds of sense of lighting. You can set the hidden lamps behind the stone that randomly you put in the wall artistically. Then you can have the sweet chandelier that made of light stone to make your stone bathroom more comfortable to linger and spend your “me time” there.