Texture Paint Designs for Living Room

Apply texture paint designs for living room not the same as the use of other types of paint. Make sure when you choose  texture paints designs for living room you choose  texture paint which offers you a lot of work time. Choosing a paint texture which has a longer drying time gives you the freedom to experiment so you can get the final result as you want – Before you begin to choose texture paint designs for living room make sure that you have to clean the wall surface. Make sure the wall surface is free from dirt or old paint. In addition, you also have to ensure that no holes and cracks on the surface of the wall.

Texture Paint Design for Living Room

There are plenty of texture paint designs for living room that you can do to give a different effect in the room. Many people have spent many years without having a choice of wall color they want. Those who have families must understand that children want to have a wall color that represents their personality; usually all of this can be realized with texture paint. And it is not limited only to children, many adults who also want extra characters on the wall, but do not know the right image. Living room becomes very appropriate to be a place to apply texture paint design because in the room of your home interior design is first assessed by outsiders. You can use the texture paint to get a very artistic look of the wall, with various models and colors that you see fit to apply in your home. There are several models texture paints designs for living room that you can apply in your home or apartment, the design include:

1. Leather

Display with skin color is suitable for application at the office and library as well as living room – this view can give a class by itself in your room.

2. Swirl

Many people start by choosing a design wall vortex approach. This design can indirectly show the artistic side that you have. This makes it attractive because smooth textures are often added to cover a lot of wall space.

3. Parchment

Parchment shades can give you the feel of your property into the house. Parchment Stripes usually fits best in the bedroom, especially if we have the glamorous style of bed, because they complement each other quite well. But it is also pretty good design used in the living room, with a few adjustments to the color combinations and forms of furniture.

4. Marble

If you choose to use the texture of marble on the walls then this is the right choice because it can make a formal room at the same time beautiful and sophisticated.

Using texture paint designs for living room can liven up all the wall space does not pull or carry a different decorating theme into a room. With the use of paint color and texture, any wall can be determinant of a beautiful room. With a little adjustment and accuracy you will get the texture of the wall color accordance with your wish.