Traditional Boys Bedroom Ideas with Navy Blue

Traditional boys bedroom ideas will be so cool with navy blue elements in it. The color is able to make the situation so mainly and fresh. Some traditional stuff such as clock and vintage paints can be a good complement in the room. If you do not have any idea how to bring traditional boys bedroom ideas 2012 into navy blue into your project, this article will help give some ideas where navy blue should be apply in the bedroom.

Traditional Boys Bedroom Ideas: Bedding Spot

White is applied on your wall. You are able to balance the color by bringing navy blue in the room. The best target for the project of traditional boys bedroom ideas with navy blue is the bedding spot. Bed cover, pillow sheets, and bolster sheets will make the room more mainly and boyish. Or, you are able to choose a navy blue bed frame. White bed cover will be a good complement to create harmony with the bed frame. Some antique stuff is also perfect to give vintage style in traditional boys bedroom ideas and designs.

Traditional Boys Bedroom Ideas: Drapery and Rug

Besides bedding spot, the next thing that you have to bring with navy blue color in traditional boys bedroom ideas is drapery and rug. Drapery is identical with classical design. So, if you are interested in applying traditional value in the room, a drapery is a good thing for it. Your kid’s room needs to be made warm with rugs. To highlight navy blue situation, you can set traditional fluffy rug with navy blue near the bed. Encyclopedia, compass, and map are also good to be set in open shelf with navy blue color. That is able to construct traditional look in the room.

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From the article above, it can be known that navy blue is a fresh idea for boy’s bedroom. For the spots where you should put the color, you can choose based on your preference. However, bedding spot, drapery, and rug are amazing for traditional boys bedroom ideas.