Traditional Dark Wood Kitchen Designs

Traditional dark wood kitchen designs could be the most common kitchen design use in the world today. There are plenty of modern or contemporary kitchen designs made nowadays, but traditional kitchen designs are still gain its popularity that is hard to be defeated. Dark wood is the best material to make the traditional kitchen design. Dark wood usually look old and easily to be made such way that it would appear as older furniture to make traditional kitchen design.

Traditional Dark Wood Kitchen Designs

Oak, cherry, pine, birch, maple and cherry are the most common dark wood main material for kitchen cabinet, which is become the main attention on a kitchen. Traditional dark wood kitchen designs, like any other kitchen designs, make the kitchen cabinet and Kitchen Island the most important focus on the kitchen. However this make the dark wood take the most important role in designing the kitchen as well.

Traditional Dark Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Traditional dark wood kitchen designs usually look a bit dim and darker than any modern kitchen design, even if the main material uses the same dark wood. Traditional kitchen designs are very much focus on how the cabinet and other wooden furniture like Kitchen Island makes the atmosphere. The use of lighting is rather dim and usually only be set around the cabinet and above the kitchen table or kitchen island. Traditional kitchen design rarely has brighter touch and this will make the cabinet sometimes look heavy and old. In modern kitchen design, the lighting is set to be brighter and intend to give more light to the whole space. The windows in modern kitchen design usually taller and bigger to give the kitchen more natural lighting.

To make the total design of traditional dark wood kitchen, you should choose to use natural colors as the background, like cream or white to reduce the dim atmosphere.