Traditional Home Interior Design

Having a luxurious and elegant traditional home is like a dream comes true. Everyone has been dreaming of rich silky curtains, velvet cushions, antique furniture and accessories or decorations to be proudly displayed in their home for the guests to see. This traditional style will definitely show your high taste and standard. If you want to have this kind of home design, here is some traditional home interior design info fro your references.

Traditional Home Interior Design

The first thing that you can do in deciding the right traditional home interior design is choosing the right furniture. Furniture is the most important thing in traditional interior home design as it becomes the focal point of a traditional décor.  It mostly represents the classic exaggerated and highly intricate European decoration furniture. Choose wooden furniture with details and elegant furnishings. Dark woods such as cherry, maple, and mahogany are common in traditional houses for their rich wood tones. It usually integrated in engraved and lacquered style for lavishness and graceful look.

Traditional Home Interior Design Ideas

As silhouettes are very important for a traditional home interior design, you better choose the ones with elegant lines such as wing-backed chairs, claw footed tables and curved furniture. Antiques are the best option in choosing the right furniture for your traditional home but if it is hard for you to get one, you can always have modern furniture with classic design and style in stores nowadays.

To give the classy look of your traditional home interior design, you can set intricate patterned flooring either it is in the form of tile or wooden floor. This kind of house is more often than not ornamented with arches, columns and built in cabinetry to accommodate the high class style of the old European castles. To bring out the sense of historic and sophistication, elaborate moldings, beveled wool paneling are also applied for traditional home style.

Since the furniture is the focal point of a traditional home interior design, as for colors, traditional neutral colors are used to accentuate the elaborate furnishings. Furniture is colored in rich shades of colors like red, blue, and brown with accessories and artwork to get more vivacious colors. Fabrics such as silk, velvet or cashmere in either solid colors or floral, damasks, and paisleys patterned ones are frequent in this style also, even though some cotton and linen are used for cheaper option. They are mostly applied in curtains, cushions and throw pillow cases.

Simplicity, elegance and comfort is the key for a traditional home interior design. A matching paring of furniture and accessories will do enormous for your design.