Traditional Kitchen Designs

Traditional kitchen designs usually designed to show elegance, classic, balance, comfortable and functional at the same rate. Most of traditional designs are combination of American 18th and 19th century kitchen style. Some of them are taking the basic design from English style, but in the end both styles doesn’t shows any significant difference. For some people, traditional kitchen styles are rather boring. The shades of hardwood brown colors choice usually make the kitchen looks old and dark, and everything designed to be symmetrical that makes you feel tired easily.

Traditional Kitchen Designs Pictures

However, traditional kitchen designs still become the world most popular kitchen style. The basic design of traditional kitchen also become the standard of other kitchen design style; the root of any modern or contemporary style. Basic design of traditional kitchen is timeless, formal, and comfortable, with inviting atmosphere. Everything arranged symmetrically to create balance of the working space. The cabinetry and countertops are made from hardwood like oak, cherry, or mahogany. Some traditional kitchen design chooses painted plywood to replace the hardwood, and it also can look stunning with the right treatment.

Traditional Kitchen Designs

The traditional kitchen designs also can be easily recognize by only looking at the cabinetry doors. The cabinet door usually designed with arched panels. Crown molding and ornament detail also become the center of attention of traditional designs. Countertops are usually made from marble, granite, or tile. The hardware and other equipments designed with many detail and seems to be less streamlined. The advantage of using traditional kitchen is it can match very well with almost any kind of home theme and decor, and also easily upgraded into other styles; like contemporary style, vintage style, modern, minimalist, or Asian decoration.

Traditional kitchen styles are the oldest kitchen style known. The basic design becomes standard for other modern style in the world.