Tuscan Kitchen Design

Tuscan kitchen design is not a new trend in interior design world. The Tuscan home design is originally coming from North Central Italy, the region named Tuscany. The design concentrated on combining the traditional style of Italian houses with modern warm and glowing colors. The Tuscan Kitchen design adopts the real countryside environment in a mountains, that usually explain as simple, plain, earthy, but also can manifest such amazing glow, luxury, and expensive. The Tuscan design plays a lot in types of woods like cypress, olive, oaks, roses, and sunshine.

Tuscan Kitchens Design

Everything seen in Tuscan reflects the goodness of life, the beauty coming from golden sun light and all natural greenery earth produce.

Tuscan Kitchen Colors

Tuscan kitchen colors often explain as the riot of color. This phase is not reflects anything bad at all. The riot of colors means Tuscan designs use the combination of colors that is surprisingly matching one another.

Tuscan Kitchen Colors

Ideally, these colors will not see as good colors to be combined, but turns out to give a glowing warm light in Tuscan concept. These spectrums of colors which Tuscan kitchen design use are sunshine yellow, gorgeous green, terra cotta, lavender flowers, luminous blue, orange sunset, and flaming red.

Tuscan Kitchen Appliances and Accessories

Influenced by ancient Roman times, Tuscan kitchen appliances and accessories take a form as mosaics backsplash, you can also add some small murals as your backsplash that can tribute the true Tuscany. And for flooring, you can use quarry tiles or laying stones which can create such place for your antiques collections.

Tuscan Kitchen Accessories

And to complete your Tuscan kitchen design, you can add traditional Italian pans and pot to generate the natural visual appeal.

Tuscan Kitchens Furniture

Tuscan kitchens furniture is about using tons of cabinets and cupboard. You can choose over the oak, or cypress which are well build and strong. All the Tuscan kitchen design should reflects functional and simply luxurious. You can add the chair cushions and table linen to generate an exotic atmosphere.

Tuscan Kitchens Furniture

Besides playing so much in colors, the Tuscany design also focuses on textures that will create romantic and warm feel. Use the proper lighting techniques to realize this feel. Do your best to bring your family together in your dining table. Real Tuscan kitchen design should show real Italian tradition and culture that is very close meaning with family harmony.

Tuscan Kitchens Materials

All Tuscan kitchen material talks about natural environment, greenery, countryside, mountains, the warmth of family, romance, and all earthy feeling. So, the material suitable for this purpose are reflect with use of stone counters like slate, travertine, granite, sometimes the stainless steel for your cooking furnish like jars, pottery, hand crafted even pots and pans, ceramics with mosaic texture, and of course, hard wooden materials.

Tuscan Kitchens Materials

Many Tuscan kitchen designs concentrate in use of hard woods. From the floor, ceiling, lighting cap, the cabinets, the counter, and some of the d├ęcor and furnish are completely made from wood. Be careful in adding the decorations, the overdoing decoration will torn the design entirely.