Unisex Bathroom Ideas for Kids

Unisex bathroom ideas for kids should reflect fun, attractive and cheerful design beside bright and clean just like ideal bathroom should appear. Among many types of material to decorate the bathroom wall, ceramic will possibly be the best choice. Ceramic offer the most inexpensive maintenance cost, easy to be clean, cheap and easy installment, and available at large number of variant colors, shapes, and pattern. You can first set the theme and wall decoration design including the type of ceramic you will use; shapes and the combination of colors.

Unisex Bathroom Ideas for Kids Unisex Bathroom Ideas for Kids

Unisex bathroom ideas for kids should be consist of design suitable for both girls and boys. Use bold colors that represent the fun and cheerfulness of kids like bold yellow, dark blue, orange, off white, and black. Of you think you need to add some pattern, choose kids favorite characteristics; Disney characteristic can be the best choice, Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck  is always been kids favorite character both for girls and boys. Remember not to choose one type of character that only reflects one character that interest girl or boy.

Other themes for unisex bathroom ideas for kids are ocean life explorer, music, jungle, and geometric pattern.  You can set the combination of colors, shapes, picture or pattern through these kinds of themes. And remember not to stay focus on the decoration and colors only. You should have to consider about the ideal specification for bathroom. Clean, ideal air circulation, proper amount of lighting, and the maintenance. Design the bathroom design such way that make the users feel comfortable inside also the same important. Set the mirror and sink beneath it, don’t forget to add basket on one corner.

The important thing about creating unisex bathroom for kids is that the maintenance got to be easy, interesting design, and cheap installment.