Urban Housing Concept for You to Apply

Urban housing concept is actually from the research of the certain study to get the design concept of Helsinki metropolitan city. Yet, you can also find that this kind of concept can also be applied in any metropolitan city. It is because this kind of concept is meant to be as space saving as possible due to the fact that big city is filled with too many people and residents. That is why it is important to build the concept that will not take too many spaces. There are many creative architects that have managed to get creative urban housing concept.

Urban Housing Concept: the Main Ideas

The common and main idea in urban housing concept is the overlap design. The house was built in the top of steel frame hollow one story. With that, the homeowners can use the space beneath their home as the other places, like shops, stores, and such. With that, you can be sure that you will not take much space in the city for both your house and the store. Another one is the bungalow that was built upon two different houses. It means that the two homeowners can share the bungalow, so that they do not take spaces to build two different bungalows.

Urban Housing Concept: the Purpose

When it comes to the purpose of urban housing concept, it is to make sure that every resident can get their spaces. The limited spaces that are given will be enough as well. Urban housing concept research has also been studied by many researchers and architects.

Urban Housing Concept

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Wonderful Urban Housing Concept

You can also find that in this concept, one family house can be extended to become house extended families. It means that several buildings can be added as the houses for the other homeowners that have blood line with each other. Those are the basic concept you can find in urban housing concept.