Victorian Gothic Home Plans

Victorian gothic home plans are said to be started to reach its popularity during the Victorian era by adapting the design from castles and cathedrals in Europe. The Victorian gothic home plans usually seen in a Victorian neighborhood build in large vacant lots or on rural areas that take a form as farmhouses with gothic revival style. Nowadays, the Victorian home designs are considered to be one of the common home design that it blend quite well in the small towns or inĀ  a historic neighborhood in some cities. The uniqueness of Victorian gothic home designs or also known as the gothic revival home designs are various; range from elegant catchy and lavish stone castles to small sweet cottages.

Victorian Gothic Home

Victorian gothic home designs can be easily identified with pointed arch shaped windows which represent the church styles at that time. Other details that is distinct the Victorian gothic home plans are the steeply pitch or the cross gables roof and from its one story porch. Victorian gothic home design also always heavily full with decorations. You can always see the tracery on every Victorian house windows; this was usually contains the wood frame that is also known as the carpenter gothic. The lacy pinnacles, unpredictable asymmetrical floor plan and buttresses are other examples of most common Victorian home design decorations.

Victorian Gothic Home Decor

Build Victorian gothic home design in the center of the cities nowadays are quite unusual, even though some home design with Victorian gothic architectural does exist and blend well in certain neighborhood.

There are at least three things you should remember about the architectural features of Victorian gothic:

  • Make sure you add pointed arch on every windows, combine this shape with other decorative accents
  • Create the steeply pitch with intersecting for your roof
  • Add the braces, brackets, and verge boards.