Vintage Home Design Tips

Vintage home design tips usually talks about how to choose colors, prints, furniture, decoration, and displays the right way until it turns your home into real vintage atmosphere. Vintage indeed always close to anything a bit more festive; prints and combinations of colors is the key to make a good vintage home design. If modern home design sometimes focuses on the simple detail, plain, and dim; vintage is the chance to show how brave you can be in designing and combining two important elements.

Vintage House Design Ideas

Vintage design colors consist of bold oranges, yellow, green and blue. Some vintage use pastel colors to decorate the home, but bold colors certainly will look more amazing. Don’t use any modern or contemporary colors; go with warm and festive rather than cold.

Vintage background using printed wall coverings. This printed wall covering is not like printed fabric hanging on the wall, covering small space on your living room. Printed wallpaper covering the whole home background is preferable to make the total vintage effect. You can set different printed wallpaper for each room.

Any vintage home design tips will suggest you to choose vintage fixture and furniture to decorate your home. Printed sofa with soft or bold colors, all rustic, unique, and old furniture is perfect to make vintage home design. Don’t use modern or contemporary furniture, it will ruin the atmosphere. You can also choose to use retro carpet, retro patterned curtains, and retro patterned flooring. This will goes to any detail and display for your home.

Vintage home design tips consist of tips to make a total vintage atmosphere for your home. The wall covering, flooring, use of furniture, fixture and detail, and the color options is set such way that create unique vintage home design. If you choose vintage as your home design, remember not to include anything contemporary or modern as one of your home design element.