Vintage Modern Home Decor Ideas

Vintage modern home decor ideas are quite popular these days. How to create the right decoration so it will appear with the right combination without make your home looks clutter. Vintage home decoration is identical with anything soft, girlie, design with pastel colors, with floral print on it. However, modern theme tends to be simpler, bright, often using cool and dark colors with glass, steel and natural materials like stones or bamboo to balance and giving the warmth and brightness to the design. The combination of this decorating theme is potential to make your home look messy. Combining two themes at once is actually more difficult than setting one single theme.

Mixing Modern Vintage Home Decor

Vintage modern home decor ideas can be made by doing several tips:

  • Create a focal point in each space and room you have. For example mid 70s yellow sofa for your living room, old wooden kitchen table in your kitchen, mid century dining table for your dining room, or curtained bed for your bedroom.
  • Vintage modern home decor are identical with prints and combinations of colors. So, you can freely set colors scheme from every room and mix them all with beautiful prints. Don’t be afraid to use or add these elements for your home decoration. And remember to balance every detail and not make this combination of prints look too much.
  • Play with shelves and choose unique decorations like ceramic vase, pot, bowl, or flowers to decorate the shelves and create interesting displays. If you like to try new look, hang the shelves in unexpected places; kitchen, living room, or bathroom are good examples. Try to mix the display with figurines and planters too.
  • Mix the old decoration with new ones also will help. You can underline the combination of your theme here.

Vintage modern home decor ideas can be made by mixing the vintage decoration with modern decoration on one room or space. Be careful not to make the room look clutter.