Wall Painting Ideas for Bedrooms

A simple trick on colors in painting can make your bedroom seems outstanding and unique. Incorporating your favorite characters or objects on your bedroom wall will give your room a unique decorative streak also. Combining one color and the others will give up the monotony of your bedroom and creating a livelier atmosphere which will make you want to stay in your bedroom forever. If you are planning to repaint your old and dull bedrooms wall, here are some wall painting ideas for bedrooms that you can use as references.

Wall Painting Ideas for Bedrooms

Choose the focal point of your bedroom. It is usually the wall just behind the bed. This area is the first thing you see whenever you enter your bedroom. Thus, put more unique wall painting ideas for bedrooms on it as to give you the best feeling that you want for your bedroom. If you like calmness, you can always pain it n blue or green. If you like cheery atmosphere, you can always choose pink or yellow. You can even paint a picture on it if you feel like doing it just to give your room a different artistically sense.

Wall Painting Ideas for Girls Bedrooms

Try to avoid monotone colors for your wall painting ideas for bedrooms you better combine some colors such as brown and blue, pink and aqua blue, lavender or lilac or even white and blue for variations. Combining two colors requires you to be selective in matching the colors as to make them blend naturally. But if you like one particular color only for your bedroom, you can use various shades of the same colors for different wall. For example, you can use combination of darker blue, aqua blue, light blue and indigo blue in different wall to lessen the boring monotone color theme.

Wall Painting Ideas for Boys Bedrooms

Painting your wall painting ideas for bedrooms in patterns with different colors will also add the uniqueness of your room. You can divide the wall into different sections with some wood strips and then give some suitable colors to the accent. When you have done with it, you can use a spick and span colors on the woods that go with the background to improve its attractiveness. You can always have different ways of painting to give patterns on it such as using sponge for your brush, or other materials to give some personalities on your wall painting ideas for bedrooms.

As for wall painting ideas for kids’ bedrooms, you can always paint the picture of their favorite figurines or things which represents their hobbies on the wall. Names, shapes with different colors, butterflies, baseball, or any objects your children like will do to make the room more interesting.