Wood Ceiling Designs

Wood ceiling designs can give fresh atmosphere in your home. There are many ways you can use to bring natural atmosphere in the house – one of which is to utilize wood as main material in order to bring wood ceiling designs in our home. Wood can be used to provide a neutral effect on the bright colors used on walls and other furniture in the room. Wood can be used to provide a unique visual effect on the ceiling. Wood ceiling designs capable of refining the design of interior room in your home with unique designs and patterns. Wood ceiling designs make the room look very stylish, but also can provide a specific theme into the room.

Wood Ceiling Designs for Homes

Wood is never to be something old fashion, its use is suitable for use in a variety of home designs (classical and modern) – making it a very perfect in your home. Wood ceiling designs can be a material use of wood as the main material of the ceiling and more completely if you use a simple design so as to accentuate the wood itself.

There are three wood ceiling designs can you make reference in your decorating.

1. Linear

This design includes the design which quite popular – with classic designs that are placed close together in a linear fashion. This design is able to bring the feel of a classic in the room and give you a comfortable atmosphere.

2. Grille

This design is used when you want your ceiling to create the effect of the drop, by placing vertical wooden planks as the ceiling. Effect that is created is an impression of elegance with a tropical look.

3. Cube

Cube-shaped design gives a touch of comfort in the room by showing the beauty that is created from the visual appearance of the ceiling, combined with the overall design of the room.

Wood ceiling designs is still a ceiling designs are popular because they are able to bring the atmosphere of warmth and comfort of the room. The installation is not too complicated to be one reason why this design was chosen. In addition, the presence of wood to give natural feel to the room that is also one of the important factors which could give a different touch.